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Why become a Brand Ambassador?

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Enhance your CV with real, hands-on marketing experience.

Join a community of fellow Brand Ambassadors where you can make friends with like-minded individuals

Successful candidates will receive a LinkedIn recommendation.

Support from a strong, enthusiastic team.

Work around your current job/ university commitments

Who are our Brand Ambassadors

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What do Brand Ambassadors do?

We want everyone at University to know about
SwapSurvey and that is why we need you. You will be the
face of SwapSurvey around campus, promoting it to
fellow students and encouraging them to sign up.

The best thing about SwapSurvey is that it is completely
free and always will be. You don't need to sell anything to
students, your only responsibility is making sure
everyone is as excited about SwapSurvey as we are!

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